non wired t shirt bra

T shirt bra - what style is best?

T shirt bras are one of the hardest items to get right

The t shirt bra. Always a hard one to get just right and something our customers often ask us. In this handy tutorial we show you what works under a range of skin tones.

When it comes to colour, it obviously depends on your skin tone, we do find that our neutral colour sand is a popular choice and works on a range of light to darker skin tones.  Interestingly, from our feedback, White often gives the most show through, so you might prefer to opt for either Sand or Blush.

Regarding style, we recommend our Octah bra as the most poplular t shirt bra style. This is mainly due to the double layer cup, giving solid coverage and a seamless look. 

Take a look and email us with any questions or feedback! We love to hear from our customers. 







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